INVECS Adaptive Shift Control

Mitsubishi’s innovative INVECS (Intelligent and Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System) Adaptive Shift Control software adapts transmission behavior to most driving conditions. Through advanced electronic programming, INVECS learns your driving habits and responds accordingly by altering shift points. The result is a car that knows how you like to drive and optimises your experience behind the wheel.

INVECS-III Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) operates on a pulley system, allowing infinite variables between the highest and lowest available ratios. A CVT smoothly adapts to changing vehicle speeds and allows the engine to remain at its level of peak efficiency. This improves both fuel economy and exhaust emissions. Since a CVT does not “shift” gears, the driver benefits from smoother performance and acceleration. Both the Mitsubishi Outlander and Lancer’s 4-cylinder MIVEC engines utilise CVT technology to provide one of the smoothest, most efficient drive trains available.

Benefits of CVT include smoother acceleration, lower fuel consumption and engine power curve optimisation. The Attrage’s engine is mated to the newest version of the INVECS-III CVT wide-ratio transmission which now uses a sub-geartrain to deliver a better acceleration and fuel economy. Extending the engine speed range over which the lockup clutch engages and optimisation of transmission control has contributed to a further reduction in fuel consumption without affecting acceleration performance.

6-Speed paddle shifters

Mounted within easy reach, the paddle shifters allow you to enjoy sporty control while keeping both hands safely on the wheel. Shifting is quick and easy, with ‘up’ and ‘down’ shifts requiring just a simple press once in ‘D’ mode. For added convenience, the current gear position is clearly displayed on the multi-information display. Paddle shifters are also equipped with cruise control on the Outlander and ASX for greater performance on the road.