Every now and then, a car comes along to break all the rules, and makes you rethink what you want in one. The ALL-NEW Eclipse Cross Turbo Coupé SUV is that car. It looks like a coupé, but drives like an SUV. And it’s primed to take you places – both familiar and out of your comfort zone.

Featuring the distinctive Dynamic Shield design and exceptional Japanese craftsmanship all around, the Eclipse Cross is streamlined for efficiency, handling and safety, and decked out thoughtfully for your comfort. Simply put, the time to eclipse expectations by crossing the line, is now.

Performance & Fuel Economy
Auto stop & go

Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with Auto Stop & Go (AS&G) – which automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle is stationary. The engine restarts immediately when you remove your foot from the brake pedal.

Note: If Brake Auto Hold is active, the engine remains off until the accelerator pedal is pressed.

Performance & Fuel Economy

With a fine-tuned suspension, responsive steering and supreme body rigidity, handling is stable, intuitive and predictable. And no matter what road you travel on, all passengers enjoy an extremely comfortable ride.

Performance & Fuel Economy

The advanced CVT supports smooth, powerful acceleration and outstanding fuel efficiency with a new step shift control that creates the satisfying sensation of shifting gears.

Performance & Fuel Economy

Streamlined for efficiency and turbocharged for powerful torque at low-to-mid rpm, the newly developed engine puts instant acceleration in your hands – made possible by direct fuel injection, an exhaust manifold-integrated cylinder head, sodium-filled exhaust valves, MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system) and more.

Performance & Fuel Economy

Raise your road confidence with S-AWC, which detects road conditions on a real-time basis to improve performance. Combining electronically controlled 4WD with Mitsubishi Motors’ proprietary Active Yaw Control (AYC), which uses braking to distribute torque to the wheels, S-AWC helps you maintain control without extra steering effort even if you brake or accelerate too hard.

*Available for 4-wheel drive model only.

Select a color

Luminous Red

Bronze Metallic

Sterling Silver Metallic

White Pearl

Orient Red Metallic

Black Pearl

Titanium Grey Metallic

Exterior Design
A Bold Vision of the Future

Conveying subtle confidence, the all-new Eclipse Cross brings the SUV into the modern age, combining the latest styling design with incredible driving dynamics and intuitive safety technology.

Vibrant & Confident

Eclipse Cross makes a bold statement. Its muscular profile, dynamic alloy wheels and LED lighting create a sophisticated balance of sport and style that reflects its individuality.

Interior Design
Style with Purpose

Every detail in the meticulously crafted cockpit of Eclipse Cross has been designed to enhance your awareness and control, so driving feels more natural.

Mitsubishi Diamond Care