5 Top Dog Walks in Singapore

Looking for new spots to take your pet pooch out for walkies? Motor over to these canine-friendly spaces and exercise in style.

  Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Singapore 569981

Why it’s pet-friendly: It has approximately 2,100sqm of free space for your pet to take a stroll, run around and have fun with their fellow furry friends!

Park lighting hours: 7pm to 7am

Best time to go with your furry friend: After 5pm for an evening stroll

Nearest car park: For pet owners’ convenience, there is a car park just 180 metres away from the dog run./

  1 Cluny Road, Singapore 259569

Why it’s pet-friendly: The open spaces and lawns at Singapore’s first UNESCO site is great for a game of fetch or simply walking around. Some restaurants inside the park also welcome pets!

Opening hours 5am to 12am

Best time to go with your furry friend: In the morning, when the ground isn’t too hot from the sun for your pup, and you can enjoy breakfast at the many cafes within the gardens

Nearest car park: Nassim Gate Car Park C is located in the middle of the park, a convenient spot if you would like to head south to Symphony Lake or grab a meal at pooch-friendly Casa Verde restaurant.

  71 West Coast Highway, Singapore 126844

Why it’s pet-friendly: A fave among west-siders, this spacious dog run has water taps and a nearby self-service dog wash station. Owners who would like to relax while their pups play can rest at the picnic benches in the park.

Park lighting hours 7pm to 7am

Best time to go with your furry friend: In the late afternoon, when it’s not too warm for your pet to play. Fret not if he gets too muddy: the dog wash station, which provides shampoos and tick treatments, allows you to clean off the grime in just minutes.

Nearest car park: There’s a car park conveniently located just 240 metres away from the dog run.

  31 Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098375

Why it’s pet-friendly: If your pet is not that keen on running on grass, take it to Sentosa Cove. The boardwalk in front of Quayside Isle offers a relaxing stroll on the waterfront.

Best time to go with your furry friend At sundown for the sunset view, after which you can enjoy dinner at the many dog-friendly restaurants on the boardwalk

Nearest car park: Its basement car park, which has 78 lots, is open 24/7.

  2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018972

Why it’s pet-friendly: Take your puppy to the city! Start your walk from the ArtScience Museum, along the well-paved Waterfront Promenade, all the way to The Promontory (parallel to Marina Boulevard). It’s an easy walk for your pet that also provides awesome views for you. What more can you ask for?

Best time to go with your furry friend In the evening to enjoy the riveting outdoor water and light show, Spectra, at the Event Plaza along the Promenade

Nearest car park: Drop your car off at Marina Bay Sands North Car Park, which is near the ArtScience Museum, where there are 600 car park lots available.

Car in Focus – Mitsubishi Space Star

You’re likely to have your hands full when you take pooch out for a walk, so Space Star’s keyless operation system will come as a real help. Simply open the driver’s door using the key in your bag or pocket. You can also press the engine switch to start or stop the engine. And for pet owners who feel they’ve connected with nature on their walkies, the Space Star’s impressive fuel efficiency of 23.2km/l makes this an attractive option for the environmentally aware.

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