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Long wheelbase with rear-midship layout

Ample cabin space and luggage compartment space in the rear.



Electrical Energy Consumption [NEDC] (Wh/km): 125
Electric Range [NEDC] (km): 160
Maximum Speed (km/h): 130
Regular Charging (AC 230V 1 phase): Approx. 6 hrs
Wheel Drive: 4WD
Quick Charging: Approx 30 min

Made For The Environment

100% Electric, Zero
tailpipe emissions.

Strong Acceleration
Quiet Performance
Easy Charging via home or

Being the world's first production ready electric vehicle, the i-MiEV is an award-winning car that is all about sustainability, suitable range, performance and innovation. It is a zero-emission vehicle that is also easy on your wallet.

100% electric
The i-MiEV replaces the conventional petrol engine with an advanced lithium-ion battery pack, electric motor and an onboard charging system. It is an environmentally friendly car touting breakthrough innovation, producing zero emissions at tailpipe.
Using a lightweight and compact single-speed reduction gear transmission, the i-MiEV exploits the high low-end torque inherent to the electric motor. By doing this, there is no need for complex gear shifting mechanisms found in internal combustion engine powered vehicles.
The i-MiEV uses high-density lithium ion batteries that can be installed under the floor. This configuration contributes to outstanding handling and stability. Adopting three types of battery charging systems, the i-MiEV is flexible and easy to drive. The iMiEV's regenerative braking system allows it to convert kinetic energy to battery power and can also be charged using the on-board charger.
Using an electric motor that is highly efficient, compact and lightweight, the i-MiEV generates maximum torque from low engine speeds for a more powerful response. The i-MiEV is also able to combine this powerful performance with quietness and comfort, thanks to its internal combustion engine-less EV.
The i-MiEV is built based on the Mitsubishi i's rear-midship design with a long wheelbase for more stability. Its trendy look can also be enhanced with the myriad of colours available to suit your style.
steering and
gear knob
With a stylish leather wrapped steering and gear knob, the i-Miev boosts refinement that matches the dynamic urban city landscape.
PBS-bamboo fibre
Green Plastic
The i-MiEV's tailgate interior trim is built with PBS (Polybutylene Succinate) bamboo fibre Green Plastic instead of polypropylene. Using this material cuts life-cycle emissions of CO2 from the extraction of raw materials to the final disposal of the product by at least 10%.

Rear mid-ship layout

With a mid-ship layout, the i-MiEV's rear boasts ample cabin space and luggage compartment (235 litres). The installation of batteries under the floor means the i-MiEV has a low centre of gravity, providing a more stable driving dynamic experience.

Shift selector

This function lets you toggle between three positions. The D-position gives you maximum fun as it generates torque in direct response to the accelerator input while the Eco-position gives you maximum economy while it reduces power output and consumption. Last but not least, the B-position maximises regenerative brake bias during downhill driving.

On-board charger

The on-board charger in every i-MiEV is compact, lightweight and allows the vehicle's drive battery to be charged using a domestic 100V/200V AC line.

Combination metre display

The combination metre instrument cluster displays the power meter, a drive battery residual charge indicator and an available range indicator. With this, you can easily see a visual display of power consumption, energy recovery status, drive battery remaining power and the available distance the car can travel.

Automatic climate control air-conditioning

Be it rain or shine, the temperature inside the i-MiEV is controlled by you. Simply select your preferred temperature and this function will automatically adjust the temperature inside your car.


Integrated vehicle management system: MiEV OS

Run by the MiEV Operating System (OS), data and information from all the major EV components are gathered to provide an integrated management of the i-MiEV's performance. Monitoring battery status and energy from regenerative braking while regulating output for smooth accelerations, this advanced management system optimises road performance for a safe and reassuring ride, while minimising energy consumption at the same time.

Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) Body

Mitsubishi's RISE body construction absorbs impact while providing a rigid occupant cell during a collison. The batteries are placed in a waterproof battery pack that is located inside the body frame and enclosed in a webb-crib frame to protect against impact damage from any direction.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

ABS controls the brake oil pressure to prevent your car wheels from locking during an emergency brake.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)

EDB takes into consideration the current load of the car and adjusts the force to the rear brakes accordingly. This provides harder braking and reduces braking distance.



Technical Specifications


Drive System Type 2WD
Battery Type Lithium-ion battery
Total voltage (v) 330
Total power (kWh) 16
Motor Type Y4F1
Rated output (kW) 35
Maximum horsepower (kW/rpm) 49/ 2500-8000
Maximum torque (N.m./rpm) 180 / 0-2000
Power transmission device Final reduction ratio 6.07
Chassis/Steering Power steering type Rack and pinion (electric power steering)
Turning radius at wheel (m) 4.5
Braking system type (front/rear) Ventilated discs/Leading & trailing drums
Suspension system (front/rear) MacPherson strut/De Dion type 3 link
Dimensions Overall length x width x height (mm) 3475(L) x 1475(W) x 1610(H)
Wheelbase (mm) 2550
Ground clearance (mm) 150
Curb weight (kg) 1100
Tyre size (front/rear) 145/65R15 and 175/55R15
These specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact Cycle & Carriage Automotive Pte Ltd for detailed specifications.


  • Projector type halogen headlamps
  • Front and rear bumpers and side airdams, colour-keyed
  • Battery remaining indicator 15" alloy wheels
  • LED headlamps with dipped beam headlights
  • Combination meter instrument cluster
  • Roof spoiler
  • Door mirrors, electric/folding
  • Rear wiper with washer
  • Privacy glass (rear passenger and tailgate windows)


  • Digital speedometer
  • EV system check warning indicator
  • Regenerative brake system
  • Black interior
  • UV protected front windscreen
  • Rear seats (50:50 split recline independently, vertically adjustable headrests)
  • Deodorant ceiling lining
  • Leather wrapped steering and gear knob

Comfort and Convenience

  • Automatic climate control
  • Factory fitted Audio
  • Regular charging cable with control box
  • Front room & map lamp with dimmer function
  • Vanity mirror (driver's / passenger seat with ticket holder)
  • Energy level gauge
  • Keyless operation system (1 transmitter) with integrated key-fob


  • One-touch power window with safety mechnism
  • Active Stability Control (ASC)
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Front 3-point ELR seatbelt x 2 with force limiters and pretensioners, Rear 3-point ELR seatbelt x 2
  • Traction Control
  • SRS 2-airbag system RISE safety body
  • Electronic Brake-force Distribution System (EDB)
  • Front and rear side-door impact bars
These specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact Cycle & Carriage Automotive Pte Ltd for detailed specifications.